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At Mall Milers our goal is to help you find an enclosed shopping mall near you that is open in the early morning hours for walkers.

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Mall walking is a form of exercise in which people walk or jog through the usually long corridors of shopping malls. Many malls open early so that people may mall walk, however stores and other such facilities generally do not open at this time. Many choose to mall walk as the indoor climate is comfortable and there is easy access to restrooms.

Mall walking is undertaken individually, in groups, or as part of an organized mall walking program. The Mall Walker's Association of America is one of the most popular national mall walking programs in the United States. Mall walking in the United States is especially popular amongst senior citizens


Advantages to the mall owners

Many malls actively encourage mall walking with special clubs and benefits. It is seen by the mall owners as beneficial for several reasons:

  • The mall walkers are present during hours when the mall would otherwise be mostly unoccupied, except for the workers preparing to open the stores, so there is no chance of crowding out "paying customers".
  • Mall walkers tend to be a crowd requiring little supervision, but because the mall is preparing to open, the mall's security staff is usually already on-site.
  • After walking, mall walkers may well stay on and shop the stores or patronize the mall's food court, increasing the traffic in the mall during what would otherwise be the very slow opening hour.
  • Mall-walking programs provide good, often free, publicity for the mall owners.


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