Lottograph © Lottery Winning System

I’d like to tell you a little bit about the Lottograph © Lottery Winning System. Unlike many complicated systems on the market this system is simple and it works! You don't need a lot of money to get started and, because I will enclose up to the minute charting information for your state, you can be winning as early as tonight's drawing.

As a bit of background information I can tell you that I use the system on a regular basis,and that I win consistently. I am not a particularly lucky person so when I first began playing the lottery some 35 years ago I began looking for a way to take the luck out of it. In my research I came to the obvious conclusion that the big jackpots are simply luck – and nothing else. There are simply far too many combinations of numbers for anyone or any computer to devise a winning system. I still play them - but use absolutely no system whatsoever, in fact I usually play a quick-pick.Scratch tickets are a definite losing proposition, in fact they are predetermined as winners or losers before you buy them. People are losing millions on Keno. You can have it! But I don't recommend it or play it.

That leaves the daily numbers game which in my opinion is the only game that a knowledgeable player has any chance at all at winning, and, with my system, winning consistently.

 When you look at the odds on the daily numbers game you can see right away that the odds of hitting a four digit exact jackpot are still pretty long, and so you are still depending pretty much on luck. But, as the stakes get smaller, the odds of you becoming a winner increase dramatically, and with my wagering system, your odds of winning are truly exciting.

 My system involves tracking, and betting on the single digit winning numbers. Although that may not sound too exciting on first consideration, what if you could win consistently (keeping in mind that there is no limit on how much you are allowed to bet).

 I will show you how to routinely pick single digit winning numbers, and with my wager formula you will know exactly when and how much to bet!

 I first came across this idea when I became acquainted with a retired gentleman who lived nearby.. He was always well dressed, lived in a nice home and drove a late model car. Every morning I would see him pick up the morning paper from his front door step, and then several hours later drive off with newspapers and a small notebook in hand, only to return a few hours later. He must be checking his investments I thought. One day I happened to ask him what his retirement strategy was. I was particularly interested because the recent stock market plunge hadn't seemed to phase him in the least. I expected to hear about his fabulous pension plan, his IRA's, 401 K's and rock solid portfolio. Instead he explained to me that every morning he opened his daily newspaper, studied the racing form, made his selections, and then several hours later headed for the nearby  race track or OTB to make his wagers. Most days he would just place his bets and return home, not even waiting for the results. His secret to winning consistently he told me, was thinking small. He wasn't looking for the big kill (although he considered himself a very good handi-capper) but almost exclusively bet on the show (#3) dog. By doing this he won very frequently and his bets were calculated on his certainty of the dog winning. After about 5 minutes of listening to his handi-capping system I was totally confused, and realized that he was good because of his years and years of experience, taking into account the many, many variables that help the pros to separate winners from losers. Track conditions, weather conditions, weight, last time out and where they last raced were just a few of the defining factors. This was not the answer I was looking for, and I forgot about gambling for several years.

 One day, totally by chance, I played a 4-digit number, all four exact order, and to my surprise, it came in paying me over $3,800.00. I was astonished. Although I knew it was totally luck ( I played my wedding anniversary date) I became totally engrossed over the next few months with figuring out how to do it again. Then one day it dawned on me. I happened to see saw my retired friend driving down the street in his new Deville, and I remembered what he had told me. ‘THINK SMALL!”

That weekend, I never left my house. I sat at my kitchen table with some graph paper, a ruler, some pencils, markers, and a complete list of past winning numbers in The Daily Numbers Game. What I discovered has truly changed my life. Over the next six months I researched and fine tuned my system, and that original discovery, with a few refinements, is all contained in my Lottograph © Lottery Winning System . And, unlike my friend's system, you can learn it all in less than an hour, and be winning as early as the next drawing!



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