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Here are the FACTS your mortgage lender doesn't want you to know...

  • After Paying 15 Years On A 30 year Mortgage You'll Still Owe 90% of Your Loan Balance!
  • After Paying Nearly 24 Years, You'll Still Owe Over 50% Of Your Loan Balance!
  • You'll Pay Over 3 Times The Amount Originally Borrowed Before Paying Off Your Mortgage!
  • To Make Matters Worse, The F.D.I.C. Estimates That 1 Out Of Every 2 Mortgages Are Miscalculated Overcharging Homeowners $8-$10 Billion Dollars Each And Every Year!                                                                
  • On a conventional 30 year mortgage you'll make over 120 unnecessary payments

Using The Mortgage Manager will solve ALL these problems for you...


The Mortgage Manager Let's You...             
  • Eliminate debt with "FREE BI-WEEKLY" mortgage payment system

  • Save Thousands Of Dollars On Your Home Mortgage Without Increasing Your Payments!

  • Shorten Your 30 Year Mortgage By 7-15 Years Without Refinancing!

  • Build Equity in Your Home 300% Faster!

  • Turn Your Current Mortgage Into An Investment Program!

  • Increase Your Net Worth Dramatically!

  • Track Your Savings And Audit Your Loan to Find Lender Mistakes Which Occur About 50% Of The Time According To the F.D.I.C.!

The Mortgage Manager gives you all this with...

NO Refinancing!

NO Credit Reports!

NO Home Appraisal!

NO Closing Costs!

NO Change of Lender!


In Fact It Requires... NO Change To Your Current Mortgage Agreement At All!


*************Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed**************

About Mortgage LiquidatorSimple StrategiesBuilding Equity



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