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Q: Where can I find the best prices on Home Appliances & Electronics in New England?

A: Sometimes the best prices on home appliances, electronics, furniture etc. are right in your own home town. In the era of the Mega-Stores there are still local home town businesses that would welcome the opportunity to give you a great deal.

I recently bought a Sony 52" TV at a great price at a local single store dealer less than a mile from my home. I did this by simply shopping price for the exact TV that I was interested in on line and in current newspaper circulars. Armed with this information I stopped by the local dealer, spoke to the owner personally, showed him my research and asked if he could beat their price. With less moaning and groaning than I anticipated he checked his inventory, then his catalogue, made a quick phone call and told me he would beat their deal. He beat their price (by only a few dollars) but further told me he would deliver it (free) the following day, have his men uncrate it, set it up, and take all of the crating away. This is something your super stores may not be willing to do and what most on line stores definitely won't do since they are using freight companies to deliver to you.

The big benefit here is that you are dealing with a local merchant who most likely lives in your community. There is a certain sense that this merchant will be there for you for any follow up and service questions you might have in the future. The store that I bought from has been in business 35 years, same location, same owner. You have to figure that he must be doing something right as he has seen many a Super Store open and close out at the malls. I also found that there was no pressure to buy and no pressure to buy a service policy, which is a source of huge profits and commissions at the Super Stores.

Give this method a try. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time. Speaking of time, keep that factor in mind if your planning on touring all the local malls searching for the "best deal". Time is a valuable commodity and hardly worth wasting to save a few dollars.

To do your research for your project Mr. New England suggests that you click on the following link Compare Prices! at PriceRunner. It will give you all the best on line prices for the item you are interested inas well as product and merchant reviews. Another valuable resource is You can buy almost anything there and the big benefit is that most popular items have actual reviews by people who have bought that particular item. The reviews are not "censored" so you will see good as well as bad.







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