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6-8 -18  Congratulations to this weeks winner, John K from Fort Meters FL. He'll be receiving a New England Explorer T-Shirt for his correct answer of The Hatch Memorial Shell, Boston MA


Hatch Memorial Shell

Located on Storrow Drive and directly on the Charles River, The Hatch Shell became most prominently known as the home of the Boston 4th of July concerts which began at the direction of Arthur Fiedler in 1976 in celebration of America's 200th Birthday.

The annual tradition of the Fourth of July Boston Pops concert and fireworks display on the Esplanade, is one of the best-attended Independence Day celebrations in the country with regular estimated attendance of 200,000–500,000 people.

Boston, MA

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The Hatch Memorial Shell

The Hatch Shell is an outdoor concert venue adjacent to the Charles River Esplanade near downtown Boston. The Hatch Shell is best known for hosting the Boston Pops Orchestra annually for the Boston Fourth of July celebration, but is also used for free concerts most weekends and many weeknights during the summer months. The grass pavilion in front Fiedler Arthur.htmof the stage has no permanent seating. There is a memorial to Arthur Fiedler, first permanent conductor of the Pops, nearby.

The original shell was built in 1928 as a temporary venue for the Pops with expectations of construction of a permanent structure in the near future. Owing to sparse funding throughout the Great Depression, construction of a permanent Hatch Shell was delayed until 1941. In preparation for its 50th anniversary in 1991, it underwent significant renovation and repair along with modernization of its acoustics. Bostonian Howard Brickman, a master craftsman specializing in wood floors, re-created the intricate interior paneling of the shell by hand.

Other uses of the Hatch Shell include movie showings and political speeches, and it is used as a meeting place for large events, such as the AIDS Walk. The grass pavilion is used for picnics, casual sports, and sunbathing in a manner typical of urban parks. It is also where the band Dispatch played their final concert, which had 110,000 people attending.

The Boston Pops Orchestra was founded in 1885 as a subsection of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO), founded four years earlier. Careful examination of the rosters of “Pops" or “Festival" orchestras, which are associated with a co-resident symphony orchestra in the same community, will reveal that the principal players of a “Pops" ensemble usually hold the post of assistant or associate principal of the “parent" ensemble. In general parlance, the Boston Pops is described as: “The Boston Symphony minus the first-chair players." This “elite core” of BSO musicians constitute a separate subsection of the BSO, and perform alongside the Pops as the Boston Symphony Chamber Players, a 12-member ensemble founded in 1964.

Boston, MA

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