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Half-Hull Yacht Planter - Red rail

Half-Hull Yacht Planter - Red rail

Ahoy Matey! The finest shore homeowners often incorporate nautical elements into their decorating schemes. The Windowbox crew was thrilled to discover this beauty: half of a model boat, molded from weatherproof fiberglass (just like a real schooner!) It measures 40" x 12" x 9" outside, 36" x 8" x 8" inside, includes a coco-fiber liner, and is pre-drilled for easy installation. You can opt for drainage holes (exterior use) or no drainage holes (interior use). Waterline stripe colors come in pairs of black/silver, light blue/dark blue, burgundy/red, green/saddle or aqua/turquoise. Please indicate your preferred waterline stripe colors in the gift message field after you add this item to your cart and check-out. Red Rub rail.






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