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I was born in 1923 in East Derry, N.H. I went on to graduate from Annapolis and became a U.S. Navy pilot during WWII. The 50's and 60's brought me international fame and a job that was out of this world. Who am I?

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Luxurious secluded Lynnfield Estate For Sale

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College Towns of New England
For New England's college towns, appearance is one of the major selling points -- as far as potential travel destinations. That's why many of them are so aesthetically pleasing. And, not only that, on  

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Not For Tourists Guide to Boston
Not for Tourists 2007 Guide to Boston (Not for Tourists) features listings of key services, restaurants, shops, schools, entertainment venues, public transportation, parks, and more, along with helpful detailed maps. NFT Boston contains everything residents need to take advantage of local services and resource, written by people who live and work in Boston.


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Salem Willows Park - Named for the European white willow trees planted here in 1801 to form a shaded walk for patients convalescing at the old smallpox hospital. Later the area became a park. (read more)



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